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Kayaking has become one of the most popular water activities of recent years. It's easy and a lot of fun. The tour lasts 2 hours and includes 30 minutes of snorkeling with turtles. The snorkeling kit, vests and swimming boots are provided to each client. We do the briefing first and then get started from the beach that is in front of our school in Los Cristianos. You don't need any previous experience to go kayaking.

You will be impressed not only with stunning views of the surroundings but also of the animals that you encounter. There are a lot of dolphins living in the area and they are always willing to come close to the kayakers and swim with them a little bit. We make a stop by the PalmMar rocks and go for a snorkeling tour to find lovely Canarian turtles. There are also a lot of fish and other animals there. So you can be sure that you will pass amazing moments.

Minimum age 6 years old.
45 € adults, kids from 6 to 10 years old go for free

Scuba Diving

Dives with certified divers Tenerife offers a huge range of dive sites for those who possess a diving certificate. There are wrecks, caves, volcanic landscapes, deep and shallow dives, by boat and from the shore. We plan diving according to the wishes and level of certification of our clients.

Normally we go for two dives a day, with a 1 hour break between the dives. If you take a package of several days, each day we will go to different spots. For the most adventurous ones we offer night dives and diving with DPV scooters.

2 dives/1 day 70 €
Pack 6 dives/3 days 175 €
Pack 10 dives/5 days 290 €
Rental of equipment 10 € per day
Night dive 55 €
DPV Diver course 310 €
Minimum age 10 years old.

Try Diving

Try diving is a special adventure for those who would like to get their first experience underwater and discover the sealife of
Tenerife. There is a big variety of marine inhabitants to meet while scuba diving: rays, turtles, trumpet fish, cuttlefish, barracudas and many others.

Each participant gets a personal instructor so there is no need to have any special skills or knowledge about scuba diving. First, we give a briefing and practice on the surface for a while and then we descend step by step. The dive is down to 6-8 meters and lasts 20 or 40 minutes (depending on which option you choose). Try dives are arranged in Los Cristianos in front of our dive center.

Minimum age 8 years old
Try dive 20 min 75 €
Try dive 40 min 95 €


Snorkeling on a lava reef, isn't it a perfect adventure on a volcanic island such as Tenerife? We provide you with all needed equipment, give you a briefing how to swim with fins and mask and go for 50 minutes to discover that amazing world hidden under the surface. You are going to see all kinds of fish and marine animals, sea stars, lava flows. Your guide will help you to discover all these and feel easy and safe while snorkeling.

Minimum age 6 years old.
50 min 39 €

Open Water Diver course

Open Water Diver course is the first step to join the scuba community. You learn the basics of scuba diving and practice the new skills and knowledge in the ocean that offers amazing views and gives you an opportunity to discover so many species of marine inhabitants. One dive in the shallow water and four dives in the open water and you are ready for the final exam. Upon finishing the course you get licensed by PADI that is the most famous diving federation in the world. With an OWD license you are allowed to dive down to 18 meters.

Minimum age 10 years old.
3 days 360 €

Photoshoots (not related to water activities)

Professional pictures of you in the most spectacular places of Tenerife, isn't it the best way to capture the memories of your

Our photographers arrange shootings for couples, groups of friends, families and singles. The spectacular views of Tenerife make each shot a wonderful picture. To participate in a photo session you don't need to be a model, you just need to choose the outfit for yourself, the rest will be done by the photographer. He will show you how to pose or move for the picture, so you will enjoy this experience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The photoshooting lasts about 2 hours. In 2 days you receive a link to download 60 pictures, all edited in Lightroom. You can choose 5 of them to be edited in Photoshop.

200 € for a photo session (up to 4 people).

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