Rental conditions


The renter or lessee must be over 18 years old and will be responsible for the rented equipment. They must also possess a National Identity Card or Passport from which we will make a copy.

The payment for the rental material will be made in advance for the total service and at the time of pickup.

A deposit of €150 will be paid for epoxy boards (all Indio, Pukas, Channel Islands by Torq models) and €100 for Softboards, which will be refunded upon returning the rented equipment if there are no replacement costs or additional charges.

Reservations, availability inquiries, or any other communication should be made by phone (+34 922 45 60 23) or by email: (Emergency Tel. +34 679 52 46 02).

The lessee declares to be in perfect health and conditions necessary for practicing this sport. They must take into account our recommendations according to their level and beach conditions.

The surf equipment will be collected at Ocean Life Surf School on Rafael Puig Lluvina Street No. 32 Local No. 50 and will be returned on the agreed date and time at the same location. Failure to comply with the schedule will incur an additional charge based on the extra time. Early returns will not entitle any refund or reimbursement.

The lessee is responsible for being insured with adequate coverage against risks that may arise during the rental period. The lessor is not liable for claims for accidents, injuries, damages, or losses to themselves or third parties (individuals or property) during the rental period.

The lessee is obliged to take good care and take all necessary precautions to protect the equipment. For example, not leaving it face up in the sun, not sitting on the material on the sand/rock, etc.

Surfboard rentals do not include wax (paraffin). If the lessee wishes to purchase a wax bar, an additional €2 will be added to the total rental price.

Surfboard rentals do not include a vehicle securing system. If the lessee wishes to acquire this system, an additional €5/day will be added to the total rental price.

It is forbidden to transfer, sell, or exchange the rented surf equipment.

The lessor may unilaterally terminate the contract before its conclusion date in case of serious breach by the lessee in the use and care of the equipment. In this case, the lessor may take immediate possession of the equipment wherever it is located, and the lessee will have no right to any claims or compensation.

The lessee may extend the duration of this contract by notifying the lessor through the aforementioned contact methods before the determined date. In this case, if the lessor demands, a new contract must be formalized.

The lessee expressly agrees to pay the lessor the charges corresponding to the current prices specified in this contract for the time of equipment use, including legally applicable taxes, as well as the replacement costs or any other charges mentioned above.

All judicial expenses derived from the lessee’s breach of the obligations established in this contract will be at the lessee’s expense.

The customer’s data will be used exclusively for the correct provision of the contracted service and, in accordance with the law, can request access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition through communication by any means to the lessor.

The surf equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered; if not, the lessee must inform about the damages. The following replacement costs imposed by the lessor are accepted by the lessee under this contract.


Severe damage, partial or total bending, partial or total breakage, loss, or theft will require the lessee to pay €280 for a Softboard, €300 for an Evolutiva/Epoxy NSP or Torq board up to 7’5″, and €380 for boards larger than this size, €400 for an Indio, Pukas, and Channel Islands by Torq board, and €600 for the Torq longboard. Partial damages will be assessed according to the magnitude of the damage: fiber breakage (hole or crack) between €20 and €50, damages to the box or fin plugs between €60 and €80.


Loss or theft will require payment of €15. Breakage of the leash or minor damages will not incur extra charges as they are assumed to be a result of regular use of the equipment.